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We helped the innovative food start-up merge ghost kitchens with food delivery

A Brief Overview

  • Created the Product, UX and UI around Wonder’s driver app, warehouse inventory management app, and database system.
  • Build modern, interactive web and mobile apps with React and React Native to holistically manage Wonder's mobile restaurant business.
  • Provided business insight into inventory management through an administration web app
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Inventory Management
The Challenge

Bringing Big Ideas to Life

Wonder, a start-up founded by Jet.com founder Marc Lore, was a big idea from the start-up – how can a customer get fresh hot meals from world famous chefs, even when they don’t live near the restaurant? The concept of mobile ghost kitchens was bold and innovative. But big ideas need technological support. Our team was brought on to build the driver and warehousing inventory apps, as well as assist in the design system creation.

Plates of food on a dark background
Our Approach

A Connected Ecosystem

Our team was proud to help build a set of connected tools—a driver app for tracking and queuing orders and order locations, a chef app for managing instructions for cooking the food, a mobile app for inventory management, a web app for inventory insights, and a set of tools that connect all of them in a holistic system.

Desktop and mobile screenshots of the Wonder product
Mobile screenshots of the driver side app

A Design System Robust and Flexible Enough to Meet Internal All Demands

One of the largest UX challenges was to make sure the resultant patterns were custom enough to fit many of the unique needs of different apps and functions, and yet aligned enough to create a sense of cognitive relation through pattern recognition to make it easy for the newest user. Additionally, the design challenges of designing for inventory management on different handheld Android devices meant that our patterns had to be both cross functional and cross-platform.

Improving Inventory Tracking; Adding Insights into Process, Demand and Pinch Points

A mobile Inventory Management System (IMS) app was developed to track the client's inventory as it flowed through warehouses and site locations into mobile kitchens and back into storage facilities. Tracking fed into cloud infrastructure which was used in conjunction with the admin IMS web app to give business analytic insights on how to improve inventory management. Feedback from warehouse workers and business was iteratively integrated into the mobile app on a weekly release schedule to consistently improve functionality for workers thus reducing food waste and allowing higher throughput for the client.

App delivery instructions for drivers
Two phone screens showing the dark and light modes of the app

Aligning Design and Engineering

We audited the naming and values of elements in the design system versus their component library implementations. Several discrepancies were found that regularly led to friction during implementation and the final product deviating from the designs. The actionable results were shared with Wonder and immediate steps were taken to get implementation more in sync with design.

The Impact - Wonder secures $350m in Series B funding

The ImpactWonder secures $350m in Series B funding

Wonder secured $350m Series B funding at a $3.5B valuation in 2022. We are thrilled to be a part of supporting a success story like Wonder and is excited for what the future brings.