Real Increases Web Accessibility and 
Performance Scores +20%

The development of an entirely new, performant, desktop & mobile experience to launch this mental health solution onto the modern web.

A Brief Overview

  • Translated their visual brand style into an interactive space using best-practices for responsive web
  • Delivered a mobile web experience that would improve target goals
  • Created their website on a CMS framework, allowing non-technical staff to customize and update the site
  • Delivered a website with a 20% increase in accessibility and performance scores


The Challenge

Bringing the Modern Web

Real was ready for a digital transformation of their brand and business. Their previous website did not convey the strongest elements of their contemporary brand and didn’t perform in the desired way on mobile. Comprehensive accessibility hadn’t been fully considered, and the process of updating the site required unique technical knowledge. They wanted to showcase their agency-produced Brand video and drive organic traffic.

The Challenge
Our Approach

Accessibility as a Core Value

For a brand like Real, that endeavors to reach people where they are, accessibility was an essential improvement for them. Our team strives to start with good semantic structures to make the site accessible out of the gate. This includes Semantic HTML, using Landmark Elements and accessible defaults/routing. Additionally, we view performance is also a core part of accessibility. If a brand has a site that only those with the fanciest gear can load, it’s not meeting the users where they are.

Our Approach
Translating a Powerful Visual Brand Style

Translating a Powerful Visual Brand Style

Real’s internal design team works at the forefront of contemporary ideas about what a brand can be. Their core values—authenticity, innovation, and trustworthiness—needed to be translated convincingly onto the web, no small feat. We were asked to take this brand vision and create a website that would be consistent with their brand ideology and on-going social media campaigns.

Building on Contentful to Empower Real’s Immediate and Long-Term Growth

For a fast-growing start-up like Real, a CMS framework like Contentful is a force multiplier. Allowing all members of their staff to participate with web content means that Real can stay agile with their staff composition. Technical and non-technical people alike now have a say about what goes on the website, and how their message of Everyday Wellness is conveyed.

Modernize Their Site to Achieve Faster Growth

Behind the scenes, our team worked from scratch to give Real a new codebase for their marketing site that their internal team could maintain on their own. Properly structured codebases make for quick team transitions and prevent headaches and bugs down the road as context changes. Our design and development teams worked together from the start to create a lightweight component library that would be flexible enough to enable Real build out future pages on their own with minimal lift.

Modernize Their Site to 
Achieve Faster Growth

The Impact - Performance, Accessibility, and SEO Scores All Given a Rocket Boost

The ImpactPerformance, Accessibility, and SEO Scores All Given a Rocket Boost

After we launched, we were proud to see that Real’s Lighthouse scores were boosted significantly. The site’s performance went from 76 to 98, the accessibility score moved from a 76 to a 93, and the SEO was boosted from an 83 to outstanding 91.


Better Site Performance

The site performance score improved from 76 to 98.


Better Accessibility

The site accessibility score improved from 76 to 93.


Improved SEO

The SEO score was boosted from 83 to an outstanding 91.