Contributing to a $3.3 Billion Valuation with an E-commerce Experience of the Future

Helping Jet imagine and deliver on a futuristic shopping experience at leading to its acquisition by Walmart

A Brief Overview

  • Concepted and designed an in-person cashier-less automated shopping experience with shopper-tracking, inventory management, and performance dashboards
  • High-performance Node and GraphQL APIs and customer facing apps with fast React Native-based mobile apps.
  • Improved site performance by 40%

Exploring the Future of Commerce

Jet came to us with a big and exciting problem: how can we use everything we know to imagine what the future of shopping might be? Jet had broken many rules on its way to dominating the e-commerce market. Now, they came to us for guidance into their next steps.

Exploring the Future of Commerce

A Modern Tech Stack for Better Customer Experiences

We leveraged technologies like AI, geolocation, sensors and advanced cameras to enable the next generation of shopping experiences. From cashierless stores to real-time warehouse merchandising to AI-assisted shopping agents, our team helped Jet push the envelope. We built these platforms using high-performance Node and GraphQL APIs and streamlined customer facing mobile apps with React Native for a great experience on iOS and Android.

A Modern Tech Stack for Better Customer Experiences
Creating a Cashierless 
Shopping Experience

Creating a Cashierless Shopping Experience

One of Jet’s main innovative instincts (one that Amazon would later realize) was that stores do not necessarily need staff to operate functionally and profitably. We helped Jet innovate one of the first concepts of how the store could use interoperable cameras, visual recognition machine learning, and in-the-moment UX decisions to create a suite of solutions. We built web and mobile apps that would have live updating of your items and purchases as you walked through the cashierless experience and store.

Artificial Intelligence Supported Shopping Experiences

We built out a platform for connecting Jet customers to Jet shopping agents to train an AI to communicate. Over time the AI would take the place of shopping agents and could hold the conversations itself. We also built the GraphQL and React-based dashboard for Jet agents to manage the AI experience.

Artificial Intelligence Supported Shopping Experiences
Jet Yard Transportation

Jet Yard Transportation

We built a yard management mobile app for Jet warehouses. The app tracked real time location of merchandise purchase orders inside warehouses. Live updates would include the trailer, pallet, and door of the items for the purchase order using indoor geolocation APIs. It would additionally let agents know future purchase orders they had to manage and which routes inside the warehouses were most efficient to fill orders.

The Impact - Helped Jet Achieve Groundbreaking Innovation

The ImpactHelped Jet Achieve Groundbreaking Innovation

Our team was thrilled to enable Jet to achieve groundbreaking capabilities in the customer sector, upgrading the experience, exploring new opportunities, and helping them achieve extraordinary performance improvements.



Site performance improved by more than 40%