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Nuka Carousel

Small, fast, and accessibility-first React carousel library with easily customizable UI and behavior to fit your brand and site.


  • logo altFully ResponsiveNuka leans into responsive front-end practices from the foundation so it will scale with your user screens and devices. While Nuka is responsive out of the box, you can override it for your specific use cases.
  • logo altCustomizable ControlsWith a straight forward API that allows you to zero in on the adaptations you want right away, Nuka is flexible enough to fit almost any need or use case.
  • logo altNative Touch SupportNothing is worse than building a beautiful carousel only to discover it's not mobile friendly. With Nuka, we baked in the mobile device support to ensure accessibility for all your users.

Carousel Demo

This carousel library is small but mighty! Here's this demo of product cards turned into a carousel with a few simple lines!

Get Started

Build a performative, fully accessible and customizable carousel today!