Customize your Sanity Studio UI with Sanity Studio Themer

April 2, 2024
Customize your Sanity Studio UI with Sanity Sutdio Themer

The Flexibility of Sanity Studio

In the world of design and development, flexibility and customization are key. That’s why Sanity Studio is our go-to recommendation for our clients, particularly those looking to tailor their content management system to fit their unique brand identity. Sanity Studio stands out as a collaborative content management system, recognized for its adaptability and user-friendly interface. Our expertise and proven track record in implementing Sanity Studio demonstrate our commitment to delivering tailored, high-impact results, making us the ideal partner for businesses aiming to enhance their content management strategy.

Sanity Studio's default interface is well-designed and functional, thanks to Sanity UI. However, we understand the importance of brand identity, and many clients express the desire to infuse their brand colors and style into their content management interface. At Nearform, our designers and engineers are experts at customizing Sanity Studio to reflect the unique branding of each client.

Introducing Studio Themer

The Studio Themer tool allows for the creation of custom themes for Sanity Studio v3. The tool's appeal lies in the speed with which users can create and apply new themes, making it an excellent choice for quick and efficient customization. Its streamlined process allows internal teams to easily apply brand standards, helping to build brand equity and foster a consistent identity across all digital assets. Furthermore, by enabling a more personalized and brand-aligned interface, it creates a more enjoyable experience for users. This not only ingrains best brand practices within internal teams but also enhances the overall user experience.

Check out Studio Themer to see how it can transform the look and feel of your Sanity Studio, reinforcing your brand's standards internally.

During my conversation with Pedro Bonamin, a developer who played a pivotal role in the Themer project, he emphasized the ongoing efforts to enhance the tool's user-friendliness. Pedro mentioned, 'we want to make the tool even more simple to use,' highlighting the team’s commitment to improving the user experience. Although still in its developmental stages, Studio Themer is a helpful resource for initiating your customization journey, with a clear focus on simplicity and accessibility in its future enhancements.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Studio Themer

Start your customization process by exploring the Studio v3 Themer web tool. Here’s how you can make the most out of it:

Theme Selection: Begin by choosing a base theme—light or dark. The tool smartly complements your choice by automatically adjusting the other theme, ensuring a cohesive look across both light and dark modes. It achieves this by utilizing different color steps from your color ramps to substitute for dark or light themes. For example, 'Primary 300' might be used as the main color for dark mode, while 'Primary 700' could be the primary color in light mode, with both colors originating from the same color ramp.

Comparing light and dark mode studio themes

Color Inspiration: Need a creative spark? Try out the preset color schemes like 'Pink Synth' or 'Pixel Art' to quickly find a palette that resonates with your brand.

Detailed Customization: For those who want finer control over their theme, dive into selecting specific colors for Default, Primary, Transparent, Positive, Caution, and Critical. Adjusting the shades and midpoints creates a nuanced color ramp, seamlessly integrated into your Studio's interface in real-time.

sampling color step options of studio themer
  • Live Preview and Adjustments: View how your choices affect the Studio interface instantly, allowing you to tweak and perfect the theme as you go.
gif demonstration showing themer sample selection

Studio Themer not only empowers you to personalize your workspace, but also enhances the overall content management experience. Its intuitive design, combined with real-time feedback, allows for a seamless customization process. Integrating your custom theme into your Studio application is a breeze with Studio Themer’s step-by-step guide, which takes into account varying build configurations and options.

sample of studio theme with nearform brand colors

Unlock Full Potential with Nearform

As partners with Sanity, we're experts in customizing content management systems to fit unique brand identities and content. Studio Themer is a great start, but at Nearform, our designers can take your customization further. We offer advanced personalization, ensuring your Sanity Studio perfectly aligns with your brand and functionality needs.

Ready to fully harness the power of Sanity Studio? Our team of designers and engineers can craft a tailored content management experience. Contact us to get started.

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